Think Tank

Think Tank Roles

Silk Road Think Tank attracts international political and business resources, promotes business
cooperation and exchange, and helps incubate innovative projects of science and technology.
International strategic think tank for government 、cross-border business development
consultants, good judge of excellent talent.
※ Government think tank – to implementation of the “one belt, one road” strategy for the
Chinese government at all levels; to provide advisory reference to help Chinese local
governments to enhance the level of opening to the outside world, to restructure regional
economic, to provide solutions to the problems of social governance; and to help build the
discourse system along “one belt, one road.
※ Business consultants – to offer strategic consulting, market research, investment and M&A
consulting, business management consulting and other services for cross-border investments
and overseas development of enterprises along the “one belt, one road”; to screen and
incubating cross-border business projects; to support overseas new enterprises setup; to
assist the Chinese featured industry to establish industrial alliances, research and construction.
※ Talent Bole – to build the international resource network for domestic and foreign talents
with more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; to build international talent
exchange platform.

Think Tank Consulting

Field 1 of Think Tank Consulting: Entrepreneurial Innovation Projects Under The
Background of “One Belt One Road”
Entrepreneurial innovation in the context of “One Belt One Road” has great significance which
can help deepen the market demand and stimulate business potential, in the meanwhile, help
succeed individual entrepreneurs. All of this enriches China’s all-round opening to the outside
world, bringing the overall prosperity of the region along “One Belt One Road”.
Silk Road Think Tank works closely with domestic and foreign governments, institutions,
enterprises and investors, detailing the macro-cooperation to specific business projects,
supporting the incubation of outstanding projects in the Silk Road Think Tank incubator;
follow-up tracking for overseas entrepreneurs, cross-border entrepreneurs faced on
common and special difficulty during the initial period and in related management issues.
Help individual entrepreneurship projects to achieve success, linking high-end talent network
and create a healthy business environment.
Field 2 of Think Tank Consulting:International High – Tech Cooperation and Industrial
Under the background of the global economic downturn and the transformation of the
Chinese economy, it is necessary to focus on the transformation of high-tech productivity
and enhance the strength of enterprises and even the state in the field of high-tech. It is a
necessary choice for the survival and development of enterprises and the continuous
prosperity of the economy. As a bridge between China and the rest of the world, Silk Road
Business School uses its extensive network of business partnerships and partner institutions
to provide high-quality, high-tech and innovative solutions to meet the needs of government
at all levels, enterprises and investors in China, boosting the international high-tech
achievements in China’s industrial landing.
Silk Road Think Tank is equipped with a team of professionals, serving high-tech cooperation
and industrial transformation projects by providing project search, investment referral,
cooperative planning, project consulting services such as landing.
Field 3 of Think Tank Consulting:Management Decision – Overseas Mergers and
Since the ” One Belt One Road ” initiative, Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment, mergers
and acquisitions are increasingly active. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the number
of M & A deals by mainland Chinese companies have been increased by 40% (382 excluding
venture capital) in 2015; M & A transactions have been increased 21% ($ 67.4 billion, excluding
venture capital), with a high record in both quantity and transaction amount. Chinese
enterprises begin to pay more attention to the portfolio of diversified regional investment
through overseas investment mergers and acquisitions in order to achieve technology and
brand promotion as well as learn international professional management.
In fact, the completion of overseas investment mergers and acquisitions is only part of the
process of internationalization of enterprises. After the completion of mergers and
acquisitions, the enterprise will quickly face the decision-making game, management
integration, local social identity and other problems. Some challenges are difficult to resolve
effectively only within the enterprise, resulting in the need for specialized high-level think tank
institutions in conjunction with the local environment, social resources who are able to put
forward effective solutions to help enterprises avoid potential risks, adapt to local culture and
achieve commercial success.
Silk Road think tank is able to take their own advantages of network resources, with
professional M & A consulting team to provide enterprises with “one to one” tracking advice
and customized solutions to help “go out” of Chinese enterprises to sail overseas